whale questions

From: Orca Network (howard@orcanetwork.org)
Date: Sun May 25 2003 - 12:09:51 EDT

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    what do whales do?
    what do whales eat?
    how many things do whales eat?
    Can you list all of the whales for me?
    Why do whales drink a lot of water?

    Whales swim, dive, play, rest, socialize, vocalize and catch food. Their
    food consists of animals they have adapted to catch and eat, from tiny sea
    lice to other whales, depending on the species. You can find a list of all
    the whales at: http://www.oceanwanderers.com/Mammals.html. Whales get water
    from the animals they eat, so they don't drink very much water, but just
    enough. I hope that answers your questions, and I hope you continue your
    curiosity about whales.

    Howard Garrett
    Orca Network
    Greenbank WA
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