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    Whales sing to communicate.

    Sounds pretty simple and a little strange...right? Well, it is not quite
    that simple of that strange, really. Many animals communicate in many
    different ways. Dogs wag their tails, cats flatten their ears and hiss.
     They can communicate with other cats and dogs, and with you as well. If
    you know what a dog means when he wags his tail, then you know how to speak
    dog. Well a little anyway.

    What we know about whales is that many of them make a lot of different
    noises. We are still guessing about a lot of the rest. Some of the noises
    are used as a sonar sense, to help most dolphins and some whales find their
    way around or find food. The other noises are used for communication.
     Whale "songs" are sounds that are made up of strings of sounds that are
    arraigned and repeated in a predictable (to some extent) order. Think of a
    simple song like "Row Row Row Your Boat" and you get the general idea. We
    are not really sure how many species of whale actually sing songs. The
    most famous, and well studies, though, is the humpback whale. Male
    humpback whales (and only males ... we think) sing long complex songs
    during part of the year. The generally sing around breeding time, and we
    think that it is a way of either attracting a mate, or discouraging rival
    males. Or maybe it is just a way for a whale to say "Hey everybody! There
    is a really big whale out here that can sing really really long and loud
    songs...Am I not cool?" Or something like that.



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    my name is Brooke Gambone i want to ask you something Why do whales
    SING???????????????If you could answer my question it would be VERY
    GREATFUL to me!

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