Fw: size of orcinus orca in different geographical locations

From: Cathy Schaeff (schaeff@american.edu)
Date: Fri Sep 05 2003 - 11:20:55 EDT

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    From: Cathy Schaeff
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    Subject: size of orcinus orca in different geographical locations

    Hi Dave,

    Try the sight listed below. It discusses the size difference of the orcas in the Antarctic.


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      From: Dravern
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      Subject: Hi. I have a question about size of orcinus orca.


      I have found a report named "Growth and Reproduction of Killer Whales, Orcinus orca, in Norwegian Coastal Waters" on the net.

      It seems there are some evidence of geographical variation of orca's size.
      In the "DISCUSSION" part of this report,

      "The growth curves (Fig. 4) indicate that female killer whales attain a mean length of 19 ft (580 cm) and males 22 ft (670cm). These mean lengths are approximately 3-4 ft below (90-120 cm) those reported for killer whales caught in Antactic waters (IWC, 1981)."

      Can you answer me about orca's size in other region?
      And can you answer me about where can I get the report about orca's size of Antactic waters mentioned in this report?


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