Whale Facts

From: Kim Marshall (kimm@oceanalliance.org)
Date: Wed Sep 24 2003 - 16:43:31 EDT

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    To Sue Shirley's Class at the Dedham Country Day School in Dedham, MA:

    From Cassie and Rebecca:
    How is a humpback whale's heart? Please see fun facts for the size of a blue
    whale heart.
    Why are sperm whales so large? To fulfill their niche in the marine
    ecosystem sperm whales dive very deep and hunt for large squid using their
    large heads to house an elaborate echolocation/vocalization system. To
    utilize these abilities they probably need to be larger in size to
    incorporate the physical adaptations necessary to survive in their

    From Eva and Kim:
    What did the whale's ancestors look like? They evolved from land dwelling
    mammals like the rhinoceros.
    What is your favorite species of whale and why? Dolphins because I grew up
    learning about them.

    From Shay, Timmy, and Peter:
    How big is a sperm whale's tooth? About 6 inches or so with a 1.5 inch base.
    From Michael B. and Scott:
    How long can a whale live? It is believed that some whales can live as long
    as 80-100 years or more.

    From John F. and Dylan:
    What is a sperm whale's favorite food? Squid

    From Mariah and Allie:
    Would you be able to visit us at Dedham Country Day School in Dedham, MA
    since sometimes you are in the state? I would like that very much!

    For additional information please donıt forget to look through WhaleNetıs
    archives at http://whale.wheelock.edu/archives/

    Thank you!!

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