Threats to Whales

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Date: Sat Sep 27 2003 - 15:22:05 EDT

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    Dear Mary,
    Yes I do remember you! It is nice to see you are still teaching about

    Is the accidental death of whales in fishing gear the biggest threat to
    cetacean species today or is pollution?

     From "Among Whales" by Roger Payne (pg 305):
    "Because whales have survived into an age of high technology, they now
    face threats that make death by harpoons or accidental capture in
    fishing gear seem pale by comparison: I am referring to the slow but
    inexorable accumulation of toxic substances in their bodies."

    There is more information about toxicants and whales on our website
    ( or or search WhaleNet's

    To obtain a slide showing a whale caught in a net or to try to obtain a
    piece of drift net try posting your requests on Marmam

    Take care,
    Kim Marshall

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