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Date: Sat Sep 27 2003 - 13:14:54 EDT

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    > To Sue Shirley's other fifth graders at the Dedham Country Day School:

    > From Raquel and Jackie: did you like being in the movie "Whales"? Were
    > you ever scared or excited?
    > It was very exciting to be involved in the making of "Whales". After
    > years of training you learn how to interact with the whales and
    > therefore I was not afraid. I was very excited!

    > From Sam and Michael M.: How big is a blue whale's mouth and could it
    > fit a car in there? Depending on the size of the whale a car would
    > easily fit into a blue whale's mouth. Back in 1947 a female blue whale
    > was dismembered and weighed aboard a factory ship ‘Hashidate Muru’ of
    > the Japanese Whaling Fleet and the statistics recorded. The whale
    > measured 27.12m (89ft) and weighted 136,353kg (134.2 tonnes) when in
    > one piece. This in itself is quite an awe-inspiring size, but some of
    > the other statistics become almost breathtaking. These are just a few
    > of the items recorded that day.
    Blood 8,128 kg (8 tonnes)
    Skeleton 18,288 kg (18tonnes)
    Heart 457 kg (1,300lbs)
    Lungs 1,270 kg (1 tonne)
    Tongue 3,048 kg (3 tonnes)
    Blubber 19,812 kg (19 tonnes)
    Skull 4,572 kg (4 tonnes)
    Meat 60,962 kg (60 tonnes)
    Jawbone 1,524 kg (1.5 tonnes)
    Body Girth 13.35m (43’ 6”)
    Jawbone length 6.96m (22’ 10”)

    > When the humpback bubble feed how come they don't scare the fish away?
    > How come the fish don't go out of the circle when the whales are
    > feeding?
    Please go to to learn
    all about how humpback whales forage.
    > From Zoe and Jaclyn: do whales sleep and if so, how? They don't sleep
    > like we do. Please go to

    > Have you ever been knocked out by a whale and if so how did it feel?
    > Never - but they are wild animals and without training you could make a
    > whale feel threatened whereby it could cause harm.

    > How much blubber does aright whale have? Right whales have thick
    > blubber, 50-70 cm depending on if they are fasting or not. (Whales and
    > Dolphins, Slijper, E. Univ. of Michigan. 1976)

    > What is your favorite type of whale and why? I am very interested in
    > dolphins and have been since I was a child.
    > From Julia and Stacy: How do whales make bubble nets? Do you have your
    > own whale and if not do you want one? See above link.

    > Have you ever swum with any other whales besides humpbacks? I have been
    > lucky enough to swim with sperm whales, dolphins, and right whales.
    > From Andrew: Have you touched a whale? If so, what kind? Dolphins and
    > right whales.
    > from Ben and Traylor: Have you ever seen a narwhal? No

    > Have you ever named a whale and if so, what is its name? I have helped
    > to name whales. To name a humpback whale we look at markings on the
    > back of their flukes or tails and if we see a pattern we use that for a
    > name ie: Fracture. Human names are not generally used.

    > How big if the biggest blue whale and have you ever seen one? I have
    > not seen a blue whale but for more information please go to the link
    > above.
    > Thanks again!

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