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From: Phil Clapham (pclapham@whsun1.wh.whoi.edu)
Date: Thu Oct 02 2003 - 10:11:48 EDT

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    There are a ton of books out there on whales, so you shouldnt have any
    trouble finding information on sperm whales. Net searches on "sperm
    whale facts" or something similar turn up a lot of things (I just
    checked). Some of the information wont be accurate, but a lot of it
    will. You can also look for information on sperm whaling, which ha a
    long history, especially from Nantucket and New Bedford. And check out
    "ambergris" which was a digestive byproduct of sperm whales and was
    worth a fortune in Victorian times because it was used a fixative for
    fragrance in perfume.

    Note that the correct scientific name for the sperm whale is Physeter
    macrocephalus (not Physeter catodon, which some people use).

    Phil Clapham

    Tom Hesketh wrote:
    > Dear Mr.Clapham,
    > I am a student from Big Tree School's S.A.I.L
    > program and I have to do a report on the Sperm Whale. I was wondering if
    > you could help me by sending me some interesting facts or a description
    > about this whale. If you are unable to do this then maybe you can send
    > me the names of a few important websites. It would be helpful if these
    > websites included interesting facts about my whale. Also, I'd like to
    > give you my email address so you can respond to me. It is
    > Hesky36@netzero.net <mailto:Hesky36@netzero.net>. Thank you for
    > taking time out of your busy day to read my letter. I would really
    > appreciate it if you responded.
    > Sincerely,
    > Gabrielle Hesketh
    > P.S.
    > I love the ocean and when I grow up I want to be a Marine Biologist!


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