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Date: Fri Oct 03 2003 - 19:25:17 EDT

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    Hi... um, you don't seem to have a name, which is quite sad. Guess your
    parents didn't give you one. Oh well, I'll call you Betsy.

    Dear Betsy:

    You're not bothering me; I'm happy to answer your questions. Let's see,
    what did you ask?

    > Do u have to have and special resposibilties?
    Well, depends on what you mean by "special". I run a program of research
    on big whales, which is quite a responsibility. I have to figure out what
    to study, direct people to do that, and then write it all up so that other
    scientists can use the information. And I'm also involved in helping
    people figure out how best to save whales.

    > How does you job benefit the ecosystem or mankind?
    Well, I hope it nenefits the marine ecosystem. We're trying to stop some
    species from becoming extinct, notably right whales which are very rare.
    There are only around 300 left and they keep getting tangled in fishing
    gear or hit by ships, so we try to figure out ways to fix these problems.
    But no, I don't do anything much to help mankind.

    >Describe the duties for a typical day for u.
    Get up, shower, get dressed, walk the dogs, have breakfast, go to work.
    Attend meetings, write emails, give advice, maybe do some analysis of
    scientific data and write papers... or sometimes I'm in the field where
    I... get up, shower, get dressed, don't walk any dogs (none on boats),
    look for whales, find whales, photograph whales, observe whales, sometimes
    take tiny skin samples from whales for genetic analysis, eat, sleep etc

    The field part with the whales is much more interetsing than the office part!

    Phil Clapham

    Phillip J. Clapham, Ph.D.
    Large Whale Biology Program
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    > Hi, > I'm sorry to bother but I saw this website and had to go to it. In > my 7th > grade class I'm writing a report about a marine scientist. I have some > questions for you. Do u have to have and special resposibilties?How does > you job benefit the ecosystem or mankind? Describe the duties for a > typical day for u. I hope you have time to answer these questions. > Thank you

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