a question dealing with coral reefs

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Date: Fri Oct 17 2003 - 10:53:28 EDT

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    Your question is a bit off topic for this site (as we are mostly answering questions about marine mammals here) but let me give you a quick answer, just for a start. Is it important to worry about the loss of coral reefs? Absolutely. Coral reefs are rich and diverse ecosystems that do important things biologically and chemically for the ocean. Many islands were essentially built by coral reef animals. There are (my opinion) three basic things leading to coral reef problems???climate change, disease, and damage. These three can work together or in combinations to make things even more complicated. The things that people can do most directly to help one of these is, no big surprise here, prevent direct damage to reefs. Reefs can be damaged by people ??? well???damaging them??? walking on them, collecting coral from them, dropping anchors on them, banging them up while diving on them ??? you get the picture. Some of the other things hurting reefs may be harder (or impossible) to control entirely, but e
    very little bit could be of some help.


      I'm Mary, and I just wanted to ask you a question dealing with coral reefs
    for my Science project. We are required to have a letter from a scientist
    directed to all that the coral reef issue (it being endangered) may concern.
    My question is:
       Do you personally think it is that big of a deal that coral reefs are
    endangered? If so, what do you suggest we all do in order to ensure that
    coral reefs won't become extinct?
    What do you think the majority would feel about your suggestion?
      ... feel free to include answers any other questions that students may
    have, concerning this topic in your response.
      I will be posting your response on my website, if you would like to see my
    website go to:
    marygloer.cjb.net and click on "coral reefs".

    --thanks so much,

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