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From: Greg Early (gearly1@earthlink.net)
Date: Mon Oct 20 2003 - 10:29:52 EDT

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    Actually WhaleNet has quite a good collection of links and contacts that can get you started. You should also consider joining a professional society (European Cetacean Society, Society of marine mamamology in the US) adn subscribe to a marine mammal listserv (MARMAM). These can give you an idea of the work that is being done and the type of background you might want to go for. If an important part of your decision is to relocate to this side of the pond, you might consider attending the society for marine mammology conference in December. This would probably be a very good networking opportunity as a lot of this conference is aimed at students.

    Good Luck,


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    Hi I am currently studying Marine Biology at Liverpool university in the
    UK. I am only in my first year of the degree, but already I am beginning to
    think about what sort of career path I will be able to follow when I have
    graduated. I grew up in Canada and then moved to England when I was 11 so
    of course I really want to go back to North America because it is such a
    beautiful place.
    I am particularly interested in becoming a Marine Mammalogist or at least
    working with mammals when I have graduated. Perhaps you could point be in
    the right direction how to get into this sort of career or any useful links
    to do with Graduate Marine Biologists. I respect that you must me extremely
    busy so I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you for your time, if
    you could reply that would be great.

    Thanks again

    Gemma Reston

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