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    As Archimedes would say ???it is because they do not displace a weight of water greater than their own body weight. That is almost quite literally Greek??? The simple explanation is that (and in some cases whales DO float after they die???for example??? right whales) a whale is kept floating partly by the oil in their bones and blubber (oil floats on water ??? if you doubt this try pouring a little cooking oil in a pan of water and watch it float to the surface) and partly by the air in their lungs. Whales ???balance??? themselves in the water making adjustments by the amount of air they have in their lungs. When they die, the air goes out of their lungs and the whale sinks. Next time you are in a swimming pool try floating on your back and holding your breath???.then let the air out. Do this in the shallow end of the pool because you are going to sink???just like a dead whale.


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