Please help if possible ... whales and waste

From: Greg Early (
Date: Wed Oct 22 2003 - 10:09:44 EDT

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    Well, that narrows it down and yest there is a lot of information about this that has been published. Some good quality, some not so good quality, so be careful. Check out the NOAA Biomonitoring website (the MArine Mammal Tissue Bank program specifically). Also you may have some trouble with information about east coast killer whales. There are not many on this coast and they have nnot been studied a great deal, so I am not sure how much information you will find. Here is another possibility...

    good luck,


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    Hiya Greg,

    Thank you for your reply. I am now a bit more aware of
    teh direction i would like my studies to go. I would
    like to concerntrate on how organochlorines effect
    whales specifically. i am unsure on how much
    information is out there, leading me to struggle with
    the decisions to whether i should specify and region
    of species. I would love to study the orcas around the
    North American East coast line.

    If you could help in any way i would be extremely



     --- Greg Early <> wrote: > Amy,
    > Interesting question, but I'm afraid you might have
    > to narrow this one down a bit for me. This is a
    > broad question about a big topic. It would help to
    > know what type of waste ... what type of cetacean
    > ... and what type of effect. For example, sewage
    > run off may have a great deal of direct health
    > effect on a species like river dolphins or coastal
    > dolphins, but very little direct effect on ocean
    > going blue whales. I am tempted to say that no
    > forms of waste are ever completely good, but given
    > the complexity of marine environments, I imagine one
    > could think up some way for some waste to be, at
    > least indirectly benificial to some species.
    > ge
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    > Subject: Please help if possible
    > Hi,
    > I am an Environmental Science student at Brighton
    > University, England. I am doing a project concerning
    > how human waste effects cetaceans. If it is at all
    > possible i would really appreciate any help you
    > could
    > offer me in gainign the right informantion about
    > this
    > topic.
    > Thank you for your time,
    > Yours truly,
    > Amy Wheeler
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