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    Mrs. Sheppard,

    First, I would give the web another try. You might just try searching on WhaleNet (using the search engine at I would think there are many links that might be of some help.

    Your questions are quite important and are the subject of much debate, so I will not be able to give you a very compete answer in a short time but let me try ...

    Why are whales important. There are at least three reasons why whales are important . First whales have been important to people for commerce. Whales have been hunted for food and products for many years in many parts of the world. Some culture are still dependant on the hunting of the past, although these days this probably has more to do with culture than food. While it may sound a bit strange, these folks should have a great interest in seeing to it that there are always whales in the world for them to use.

    Secondly, whales play a role in the ecology of the oceans. Although scientists are only beginning to unravel this big puzzle, it seems foolhardy to simply eliminate some of the biggest pieces (whales).

    Thirdly, these days in the US, many people are more concerned about just keeping whales around and seeing that they are not killed or harmed (in fact we have laws ...the Marine Mammal Protection Act ... to insure that). These days we are concerned with preserving the whales so that as many as possible can be in the ocean. Why do we think whales are so important? That I do not know, but just as some cultures use their skill as whales as an indication of their cultural beliefs, many in the US these days, consider the way we treat our fellow creatures as an indication of OUR cultural beliefs.

    What do whales eat? Different whales eat different things. Most eat schooling fish and squid, but some whales eat tiny animals (plankton) and some eat huge animals (giant squid).

    What would happen if we had no whales. Well, if you look at the answer above, and consider all of the disagreement those three groups of people might have (whalers, biologists and people that want to save whales) one thing they could all agree on would be that none of them would be happy in world without whales.

    Other questions??? Actually I know of people that have been working on just the ones you have asked for most of their careers, so I am going to stop there ...


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    I am doing a paper on why we need while in society do you please help me out
    the information I tried to get information on the web it doesn't help I want
    to convince people that we should save our whiles.
    Why are whiles important in society?
    What do they eat?
    What will happen if we did not have whiles, dolphins, prophase?
    if there are any other questions that i did not ask that you think would be
    useful please let me know.
     thanks Mrs. sheppard

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