Whale Watching in January

From: Pieter Folkens (animalbytes@earthlink.net)
Date: Wed Nov 05 2003 - 13:59:30 EST

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    When you say whale watching, which whale?

    Hawaii is great in late January as the humpback whales have just calved
    and the males are on the hunt for females. Maui is well known for this,
    but other of the islands have whale watching programs at that time of
    year as well.

    On the west coast, the gray whales are migrating south to the Baja
    Lagoons. Good vantage points for whale watching and/or taking half-day
    boat excursions are: Florence, Oregon; (in California) Mendicino; Point
    Reyes; San Francisco; Pillar Point/Half Moon Bay; Moss Landing;
    Monterey; Morro Bay; San Pedro; San Diego.

    On the east coast most of the whales usually seen in the northeast are
    south for the winter. Right whales go to the waters off the Carolinas
    to Florida, but I don't know if there are organized whale watching
    activities. The humpbacks that are usually off New England are in the
    Caribbean in January. The Dominican Republic has organized whale
    watching activities.

    If you are interested in killer whales (which are actually dolphins),
    there are regular whale watching excursions from Friday Harbor,
    Washington (in the San Juan Islands).

    That's pretty much it for the USA.

    On Nov 5, 2003, at 9:36 AM, Stephen Farrell wrote:

    > Hello:
    > Thank you for your time.  I am interested in taking my wife whale
    > watching.  I would like to do it in late January.  Judging from the
    > info I am getting off the web this may not be the best time, but......
    >  Where is the best place to go to whale watch in the USA in late
    > January, if anywhere?  I tried searching in the archives but wasn't
    > successful.
    > Again, thank you very much for your assistance
    > Steve Farrell
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