Orcas and other whales in the Gulf of Mexico

From: Dagmar Fertl (dfertl@geo-marine.com)
Date: Tue Nov 11 2003 - 12:17:35 EST

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      Hi my name is Kelsey and I am almost 11 years old. I want to be a Marine
    Biologist when I grow up. I live in Austin, Texas and my family and I like
    to drive to Houston, Galveston and Corpus Christie to the ocean because I
    love it there.
      My question is: Are there any Orcas in the Gulf of Mexico? What kind of
    whales do live there?
      Thank you.
      Kelsey Johnson

      Hi Kelsey! I was born in Austin, and I lived in both Houston and
    Galveston. Yes, there are killer whales (orcas) in the Gulf. There are
    actually 28 different species of whales and dolphins that are known to occur
    in the Gulf, although 19 probably only regularly occur there. The most
    common large whale that lives in the Gulf is the sperm whale, which
    surprises a lot of people.

      Check out the MMS website on whales and dolphins of the Gulf of Mexico:


      There is also a free whale/dolphin poster you can order from MMS, just
    follow the links at that page.


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