Navy and dolphins

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Date: Wed Nov 12 2003 - 09:01:48 EST

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      Hello, My name is Allyson Scott and I am a senior at Merrimack College in
    North Andover, MA. As part of a science lesson for a Teaching Science for
    Elementary Education, we are to ask a question of a scientist. My question
    pertains to research that may have been done, or has been conducted with
    dolphins in the military, specifically, the US Navy. Did the Navy ever use
    dolphins to research locating abilities for objects underwater, such as
    mines, and other explosives? Your answer will be greatly appreciated.
      Thank You,
      Allyson Scott

      Try going to the following website which talks about the Navy's work with
    marine mammals. I think you will find all the information you requested. If
    you have more specific questions after reading through the website, I'll try
    to answer them for you.

      Dagmar Fertl

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