Blue whale blowhole shape

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Date: Wed Nov 12 2003 - 18:02:05 EST

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    Did you even bother looking at the answer that I took the time to look up
    for you? Shame on you! Blue whales have two blow holes that are roughly
    estimated to be 16 to 20 inches in length for each one. Where on earth did
    you see that the blowhole of a blue whale is 30 ft, when blue whales are a
    maximum of around 90 ft? That would be like your nose being 1/3 your body
    length. While many of us sometimes feel like our nose IS that big, it is
    actually not. haha.

    As for the shape of the blowholes, again, this was something that has been
    answered in the past and could have been located in the WhaleNet archives:

    So, if you're still feeling somewhat lazy again, the blowholes are oval in
    shape and also have flesh built up around them, like a splash guard, which
    helps keep water out of the blowhole and ultimately, the lungs.

    Hope this answers all of your questions, except for Cape Cod of course. Not
    to be rude, but you must be just a bit geographically challenged. Dallas is
    where I live (as noted on the WhaleNet page), which is in Texas. Of course,
    Texas is very, very far from Cape Cod, which is in Massachusetts.


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    I already knew that! Blue whale have a 30 ft. Blowhole! I just need the
    shape! Sorry! By the way do you live by Cape Cod? That's where im going
    for my whale watch! TATA! -CAR> Ummm..... do you know the size and shape
    of a Blue whale's blowhole? I> can't find it anywhere!
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    > Cailey,
    > Ummm, did you really look thru the WhaleNet archives? I just ran a
    > search with some of the information you requested and located this
    > (actually, I googled your question):
    > This was in the archives for WhaleNet ASK from 2000. I don't believe I
    > would have a better answer than what Sam Friedlander offered.
    > Hope this helps.
    > Regards,
    > Dagmar
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    >> Dear Miss Fertl,
    >> Hi! My name is Cailey and I am 10 years old. I am doing a research
    >> report on the Blue Whale. I found your e-mail on whalenet and it said
    >> that you knew a lot about whales! If you could tell me a little bit on
    >> the Blue whale i would appreciate it, Thanx- Cailey
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    >> Cailey,
    >> I recommend that you check the WhaleNet website again for information
    >> on blue whales, particularly the archives of questions that people
    >> have asked in the past. I know that I personally have answered a
    >> number of specific blue whale questions in the past, so I think that
    >> will help you. Have you taken the time to use your school or public
    >> library also? The encyclopedia should have lots of information for
    >> you. I can help you more once you have a more specific question, but
    >> again, take a look through the archives first.
    >> Good luck!
    >> Dagmar Fertl

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