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From: Dagmar Fertl (dfertl@geo-marine.com)
Date: Fri Nov 14 2003 - 09:21:45 EST

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    My name is Tonya MacKenzie, I am a freshman at Worcester State College. I
    am interested in majoring in marine sciences, however, my school does not
    offer it has a major, so I am undeclared. But I am interested in getting
    involved in volunteer programs. I wanted to know if you offered any
    programs? Could you please email me back with any information I will need to
    get involved.

    Thank you,



    The WhaleNet website has some information: http://whale.wheelock.edu/studentdev/
    I think it's great that you're looking for internship possibilities. My undergrad school didn't have a marine science program either, so it was up to me to get the experience I needed. I also always encourage people to not necessarily go marine science as an undergrad, b/c you'll have a better rounded education (and have a better chance of finding jobs) with a generic biology degree as an undergrad. That said, the link that I provided lists some internship possibilities, but not all that are available. You didn't specify that you wanted the internship to involve marine mammals, but I'm guessing that since you contacted WhaleNet, you must be looking for such an opportunity. I did an internship as an undergrad at the University of Hawaii, and there is a Marine Mammal Research Program at Texas A&M University at Galveston that offers internships. Marine mammal internships are also sometimes listed on Marmam, the Internet discussion group for marine mammals. If you are interested in subscribing, I can provide tha
    t info to you offline. Another thought, the Society for Marine Mammalogy put together a good career booklet available for free at their website (I think a link also exists thru WhaleNet). And last, but certainly not least, I suggest running a search thru the WhaleNet archives (I know I have pretty much told each person who's written in to me this week to first do this), because I'm positive someone has asked this question(s) previously.

    Our company doesn't really offer internships, and I'm not sure this is exactly the place that would offer the type of experience you are interested in. You can look at our website and see if environmental consulting is of interest to you (it's a lot more sitting at a desk looking at everyone else's research and data than going out in the field...at least for me). If you're still interested, contact me again, and I'll give you my boss' email and see if we can get you here or even to our satellite office in VA. Our web address is: www.geo-marine.com. Additionally, I do have a friend who lives in CT who might be interested in an intern and who can definetely use one. Like I said, we can have this conversation offline if you really are interested in pursuing these angles.

    Best wishes,
    Dagmar Fertl

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