Interview with a biologist, part 2

From: Dagmar Fertl (
Date: Mon Nov 24 2003 - 09:11:46 EST

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    Hi I have for 6 you questions including the last one. Apart of my biology
    project is that I have a biography on you so just to give you a suggestion
    on what to write meaning what schools did you attend to be in this field
    your in today, did you come from a background of biologist/scientist and
    things of that nature and last just some a little history on your life and
    this is the end of question 11.
    6. How often do you study the animals?
    7. What made you decide on studying animal?
    8. What is the most challenging obstacle you FACS as a biologist?
    9. From whom or what challenges do you face in funding your research?
    10. Have you ever wanted to study sorting other than animals?

    Thanks for your time.
    6. I think you mean out in the field. Nowadays, not at all. Sniffle. In the
    past, when I was doing field work, pretty much every day.
    7. I'm not really sure what you mean by this question, but I like animals,
    which is why I wanted to study them. As to why I picked marine mammals, it's
    probably for the same reasons a lot of folks are interested in dolphins -
    they are large-brained social animals, that we cannot easily study. Kind of
    like - no matter how much you study them, you'll never know everything about
    them....that's kind of cool. Always a challenge.
    8. I assume your question is actually what is the most challenging obstacle
    I 'face' as a biologist - right now it's that I spend a lot of time indoors
    in front of a computer, while I'd really like to be out in the field
    studying the animals. But, I know I can do a lot of good for the animals
    where I'm at.
    9. I don't have funding per se for my own 'research', since I don't do
    research in the strict sense. As a consulting firm, probably the biggest
    funding challenge is that our clients don't always understand how time
    consuming (=expensive) what they request us to do can be. It's a struggle to
    make sure they get the product they need, especially since sometimes they
    are not scientists themselves, and do not really know what information they
    need, so we need to guide them.
    10. Next time I think you need to read back through your writing before you
    send it to someone, but I think you are asking whether I have wanted to
    study something other than animals. Yes, I think so. I really like
    literature a lot, and I would've liked to be an English major, but finding a
    job doing that is not always easy. So, I combined my concern and love of
    animals with writing.

    Good luck with the school project!
    Dagmar Fertl

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