Bluewhale feeding

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Date: Tue Dec 02 2003 - 07:15:21 EST

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    >Subject: bluewhale feeding?
    >Date: Fri, Nov 28, 2003, 4:37 PM

    > Dear Mr. Hoyt
    > I am a fith grade student doing a report on the Blue Whale for school. I
    > found 2 different ways on how the Blue Whale feeds and was wondering if
    > they were correct. The first was lung feeding and the second was they just
    > open their mouth expand their ventral pleats and swim along the top of the
    > surface. Is lung feedind when they dive far done and then come straight up
    > and gulp? Thanx for reading my letter and responding!-Cailey

    Dear Cailey,

    Yes there is lunge feeding which also involves expanding the ventral pleats.
    There is also something called 'arc and roll' feeding, where they surface,
    grab the food and then roll to the side. The right whales swim along the
    surface, mouths open, doing something called 'skim feeding'; that's more the
    surface type of feeding.

    There is considerable information already on the WhaleNet site about blue
    whale feeding so you can read about it in detail.

    Good luck

    Erich Hoyt

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