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Date: Wed Dec 03 2003 - 07:23:12 EST

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    Below are a few more questions from the other half of my science students.
    They are a curious bunch! How's the weather in Scotland? It's snowing here
    in Boston!

    >From Shay, Timmy and Peter: How many orcas are there around the world? Why
    do you live in Scotland if you're a citizen of the US and Canada?

    >From John Fi. and Dylan: How many orcas are there around the world?

    >From Rebecca and Cassie: How many teeth does an orca have? How long does
    an orca live?

    >From Eva and Kim: What is your favorite type of deep sea fish? Why? What
    is your favorite species of whale and why?

    >From Allie and Mariah: Which book that you wrote is your favorite?

    >From Michael B. and Scott: What was it like being with orca whales?

    Many thanks again,
    Sue Shirley

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