Female whale diet while pregnant

From: Erich Hoyt (erich.hoyt@virgin.net)
Date: Tue Dec 09 2003 - 18:08:03 EST

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    >Date: Tue, Dec 9, 2003, 3:49 PM

    > I just have one inportant question.
    > How much will a female whale eat while pregnant

    I know that female baleen whales at least appear to put on more weight while
    pregnant on the feeding grounds, but it would be difficult to sort out what
    is from the pregnancy and what is eating more.

    The answer would depend entirely on the species of whale, but in any case,
    no one knows this kind of information. The only thing you could do would be
    ask an aquarium with regard to dolphins or small whales, but this would just
    be able to tell you what they were fed during pregnancy and apparently took,
    but NOT what they would eat in the wild if they had to catch it...


    Erich Hoyt

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