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Date: Sat Dec 13 2003 - 09:16:33 EST

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    I could not get the ask a scientist email to work. So here's my question.

    I am a 2nd grade teacher and have received a serious question from my
    class, to which I have no answer. Do whales fart? If so, is it loud?

    Having looked at your site, I have learned several things, gas in the
    digestive system would probably cause diving difficulty to
    whales. However, whales have a digestive system much like our own.

    I know the question sounds silly, but I assure you it was asked in great
    sincerity. I would love to answer their curiosity.


    Oh, yes, whales do fart. There are times when they come to the sides of
    whale watch boats and release clouds one can almost see, they are so
    pungent. Usually, large bubbles rise to the surface and, well I'm sure you
    get the picture. I haven't heard of it occurring above the surface where it
    would make a noise, but probably there are people somewhere who've
    experienced that.

    Howard Garrett
    Orca Network
    Greenbank WA
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