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Date: Sun Dec 14 2003 - 15:03:37 EST

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    Hi !Our class is doing a since proget whales.
    Can you give me lots of idea about whale?

                                         Thank You

    This is a very general question, so I'll give some general impressions.
    Whales' ancestors were once land animals who found that the ocean provided
    everything they needed. They changed their bodies and their habits to make
    a living in the ocean. For many millions of years they have lived well and
    prospered and branched into nearly a hundred different species of whales,
    dolphins and porpoises. Some of the whales have gained the ability to start
    cultures and use something like languages and keep their membership in
    their societies for hundreds of generations. We have only begun to learn
    about whales. You can find much more about whales on the WhaleNet site, at

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