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Date: Wed Oct 13 2004 - 06:31:31 EDT

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    Hi Allyson:

    The most endangered populations of whales today are:

    eastern North Pacific right whales (probably fewer than 100 left)
    western gray whales (about 100 left - very different from
    eastern/California gray whales, which are at 25,000)
    most blue whale populations (exception is California where there are
    around 2000)
    North Atlantic right whales (300, perhaps declining)

    I'll send you a paper on this which might help.

    Phil Clapham

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    > Hi, > > My name is Allyson Perry. I am currently enrolled at Merrimack College > as an education minor. I am writing to you because I am interested in > doing future lesson plans regarding whales. I was wondering what > specific types of whales are endangered right now, because I know that > it is possible for classrooms to “adopt a whale”. I am interested in > having my students do that when I do a whale unit with them. Please > email me with any information you have on this. Thank you for your help! > > Sincerely, > Allyson Perry

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