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Date: Wed Oct 20 2004 - 09:38:22 EDT

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    Q: When i grow up i want to be a marine biologist and i need to know what
    the greatest college is to go to and not to pricey

    A: That's pretty cool. Since I don't know how old you are or what grade you
    are in, I can't really advise a college (besides, that would probably not
    make me the most popular person if I provided my personal opinions on this).
    Since colleges get more and more expensive each day, it's hard to say which
    one will be the most expensive, but it's a standard that state
    universities/colleges are cheaper than private universities. The latter will
    also depend on whether you live in the state of the university you want to
    go to (this doesn't count for a private university), since out of state
    students have to pay more tuition (since state taxes help pay for state-run
    universities), as well as whether you can get a scholarship or not.

    I suggest you also check the WhaleNet website and look for the career link.
    The Society for Marine Mammalogy has a nice, free booklet online that talks
    more about schools and how to go about pursuing a career in a marine
    biology-related field.

    Good luck!

    Dagmar Fertl

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