Respiratory system, whale

From: Dagmar Fertl (
Date: Thu Oct 21 2004 - 15:52:29 EDT

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    can you please explain to me all about a whale's respiratory system, about
    how they get oxygen etc. i'm doing a powerpoint presentation on it nd i have
    no idea where to start. please help! Rachel

    Dear Rachel,

    Did you take the time to go thru the WhaleNet archives? The respiratory
    system of whales has been previously discussed. If I told you ALL about a
    whale's respiratory system, (1) you wouldn't have done the necessary
    research on the topic (did you even go to the library yet to research this
    topic?), and (2) we would still be sitting here many hours and pages later.
    I just ran a quick search with the search engine Google and found a bunch of
    stuff that is perfectly usable, and WhaleNet archived responses came up
    numerous times.

    I'm more than happy to answer any SPECIFIC questions you have, but you have
    not demonstrated to me that you have even attempted to begin this assignment
    on your own. This defeats the whole purpose of doing the assignment for your

    Good luck!

    Dagmar Fertl

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