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From: Howard Garrett (
Date: Mon Nov 15 2004 - 23:35:06 EST

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    Dear Howard,

        I'm 13 and have a strong love for merinebiology. I got 2 fish tanks set
    up and a pet toad. My Question is how can I satisfy my craving of the sea?
    Not that I got a small bedroom, not much money, and a school that wouldn't
    help me in this field.



    Dear Sam,

    I am thrilled to hear you describe your desire to learn more and experience
    the sea. In your circumstances, and at your age, you'll probably need to
    use the web, books, movies and videos and TV to satisfy your craving of the
    sea. We have quite a good listing of resources on our Resources page, at and maybe you can find
    some things there. If you look through all the links and books you'll
    probably be able to follow your interests to many exciting and fascinating
    places. You might even enjoy some of the scientific papers.

    Best of luck,


    >P.S. Thanks 1f85a15.jpg

    Howard Garrett
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