Right Whale Environment

From: Erich Hoyt (erich.hoyt@mac.com)
Date: Thu Dec 30 2004 - 14:55:33 EST

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> Hi! I am doing a science report for my 5th grade class on The Right
> Whale.
> There are a few topics that I am having a hard time finding the
> information.
> What kinds of fish swim or live with the Right Whale? The waters that
> the
> right whale swim in, is it polluted? If yes, polluted with what?
> Ashley
Dear Ashley,

The right whale in the North Atlantic spends its winters off Florida
and Georgia and most of the rest of the year in the Gulf of Maine. So
there would be more subtropical fish near them in the winter, but in
the summer, a wide variety of fish and plankton species could be found
near them. Do you know how right whales feed? In the Gulf of Maine,
they swim through the water with their mouths open, "skim feeding" on
copepods, tiny zooplankton. They need to swallow probably many
thousands of these every day to satisfy themselves.

Certainly, some waters that right whales swim through, such as in Cape
Cod Bay and off Boston would be carrying a lot of pollutants -
including agricultural chemicals that wash off from the land, as well
as residues from sewage, and probably traces of PCBs and DDT as we are
still feeling the effects of those. Even though they were banned many
years ago, they still remain in the waters.

You can find a huge amount of interesting information on this website
in the archives for right whales. It's worth a good look!!

Good luck on your report!

Erich Hoyt

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