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From: greg early (
Date: Tue Jan 04 2005 - 09:39:45 EST

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    You are kidding right?

    A "normal" day for me is probably about like a normal
    day for just about anybody. I get up, walk the dog,
    drive to work, answer my email, work on some reports,
    do paperwork to keep track of projects and accounts,
    yack on the phone, go home. That sort of thing.
    Stuff that would probably bore an accountant.

    I'm betting, however, that what you really want to
    know is what an "abnormal" day would be like. And
    there have been some doozies. Giant squid - dead
    whales on the beach - LIVE whales on the beach - giant
    seals stopping traffic in Maine - little seals in
    peoples back yards - mass hysteria - you get the

    For me the best part of doing this are those kind of
    days and the fact that there are enough of them to
    keep me from going crazy during the "normal" days.



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    > i was wondering...what is a normal day at work like
    > for you?

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