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From: Greg Early (
Date: Tue Jan 11 2005 - 11:08:21 EST

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    So is the science you are studying "Psychology"?

    Sorry, that is a joke - and not a very good one at
    that, sort of proof that while I may or may not be a
    scientist I'm definitely not a joke writer.

    OK - I never started out to study marine mammals. I
    liked biology, and studied quite a bit of it. I also
    liked SCUBA diving and did quite a bit of that. I
    grew up in New Bedford, Massachusetts which used to be
    the whaling capital of the world (back in the 1800's).
     I knew about whales mostly from history, but always
    thought they were pretty much gone. I eventually got
    a job working for an aquarium in Boston that not only
    needed someone that knew how to SCUBA dive, but had
    dolphins and seals living right there. I found out
    there were a lot more marine animals than I had
    thought. I worked with animals from corals to whales,
    but ended up spending most of my time working with
    marine mammals. Over the years I have worked with a
    lot of people that motivated me in various ways, but
    inspiration probably came more from those animals I
    worked with. If I had to pick just one it would
    probably have been a chubby old dolphin named "Cathy".

    good luck with your project,


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    > Dear Mr. Early:
    > My AIG teacher has assigned a project for my class
    > to e-mail a scientist a question in regards to
    > science. Please respond to the following question:
    > Why did you choose to study marine mammals and what
    > inspired you?
    > Thank you for your time.
    > Sincerely,
    > Michelle Robinson,
    > AIG Student, Lincolnton Middle School, Lincolnton,
    > NC

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