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Date: Tue Jan 18 2005 - 10:34:59 EST

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    I sure hope you do not work for an oil company.

    A couple of things -

    First it depends on what kind of oil. Some oil is far
    more toxic than other. It also makes a big difference
    in how long the oil will (literally - unfortunately)
    stick around. Heavy oil tends to clump together more,
    lighter oil tends to spread more.

    It would also make a difference if the oil hit shore
    or not. Out in the water, the oil is likely to do
    less damage then if/ when it gets to shore.

    I'm not familiar with the Gulf of Guinea (I had to
    look that one up) - so I can not be much help there.

    It would also make a difference what you mean by
    "survive". Certainly the coast and the Atlantic Basin
    would still be there, but the effects of that much oil
    could do long term or perminant damage to the area.
    That is about 10 times the oil spilled in the Valdez
    oil spill in Alaska. That was in a colder area so
    some of the effects would be different, but that might
    give you some idea what could happen.

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    --- Alan M Dransfield <>

    > Dear Greg
    > Do you think the Gulf of Guinea and the Atlantic
    > Basin could survive an oil
    > spill of 100millon gallon capacity?
    > Many thanks
    > Alan M Dransfield

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