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Date: Sun Jan 23 2005 - 19:17:50 EST

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    Subject: Seal Kitty

    > How much further north do you think Kitty will go
    and where
    > will she make home or will she make home or just
    travel about the
    > ocean.
    > Evidently given the name she will live in or near
    a harbor???

    Satellite tracking of marine mammals uses relatively
    new technology. The information gathered is literally
    re-writing the book. Each new tag reveals information
    unknown, and often unexpected.

    Harbour seals are a coastal species, and, as
    pinnipeds, haul out regularly. As the name suggests,
    harbour seals commonly inhabit bays/harbours, but can
    also haul out on open coastal beaches. Some stay
    relatively close to their favourite haul outs, while
    others may roam.

    Harbour seals are a temperate species. It is winter
    now in the Northern Hemisphere, so I would not expect
    a harbour seal to go as far north as the shore-fast

    As for Kitty, I don't know. I suspect no one really
    knows. I suggest you continue watching Kittly's
    progress. If the tag stays on, she will reveal where
    she wants to stop and how far north is far enough.

    I'm sorry I cannot be more specific, but you are
    watching science discovery in action as it happens.
    That's special. Sure, the scientists who tagged this
    seal want to understand the behavior of Atlantic
    harbour seals, but the information is shared on the
    web precisely for people like you.


    Pieter Folkens
    Alaska Whale Foundation

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