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    Hi Austin,

    Over the years, researchers have attempted to identify and quantify West Indian manatee distribution, population size and causes of mortality in order to understand manatees and the threats to their survival. They have isolated several causes of manatee deaths, most of which are directly related to human contact or encroachment. If these sources of mortality are not controlled, manatees may become extinct.

    Scientists break down the causes of manatee deaths into six different categories: watercraft collisions, flood gate or canal lock, other human-related, perinatal, other natural, and undetermined/unrecovered. You can read more about causes of manatee mortality and get manatee mortality statistics by visiting our web site at:

    Watercraft-related manatee mortality is the leading cause of manatee death in Florida. Manatees can swim up to 32 kilometers (20 miles) per hour in short bursts, but they usually only swim about 3-8 kilometers (3-5 miles) per hour. Because manatees are slow-moving, need to surface to breathe air and prefer shallow water, they are vulnerable to collisions with boats. That's why at Save the Manatee Club, our staff continues to strive for strong protection measures for manatees. This means a combination of slow speed zones, enforcement of those zones, education, and habitat protection.

    You can get manatee protection tips for boaters and read more about our boater education efforts at: You can read about our other activities to help manatees at

    Thanks so much for your support for manatee protection.

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      hi, its me again. i had just heard on the news that a manatee was killed in a boating accident.
      is that the main reason wht the population is going down? if that is the reason than you and the foundation need
      to do something about it. i think that in a few years the manatees will be extinct because of these
      accidents. i don't think that the speed limit signs help on the water. these manatees deserve to live
      and these people need to slow thier boats down.


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