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    Well, I understand you difficulty in finding a generally summary! Although I have been able to find information for specific species, e.g.:


    Delphinus delphis (a dolphin, of course): 7 cervical, 13 thoracic, 22 lumbar, and 31 caudal vertebrae;; blue whales 63-64 free vertebrae;;

    ?h  total number of vertebrae, 67-72: Stenella frontalis (Atlantic spotted dolphin).

    ?h   total number of vertebrae, 74-84: Stenella attenuata (pantropical spotted dolphin).

    the vertebral formula for the gray whale, based on a skeleton in the British Museum is: C 7, D 14, L 14, Ca 21. Typically, these vary somewhat from one individual to another. ttp://


    Sorry, I have not found anything more all encompassing... The encyclopedia Britannia looks like it may have the information (
    Unfortunately it requires a subscription.
    You can try searching the whalenet site if you have not already done so but I think that what is needed is a more general reference book.
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    We are trying to find out how many vertebrae whales have. I know different species can have different numbers of vertebrae. Would it be correct to say ¡§Whales can have as many as 65 vertebrae.¡¨ Or what number would be correct in that sentence?


    Many thanks for any help you can provide. We have searched the internet far and wide and cannot find the answer to our question.





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