Sperm Whale Diving

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    Funny you should ask. When we satellite tagged sperm whales in the
    Azores in 1998 we recorded a dive of around 1400 meters. I don't recall
    the exact number but I believe that it was just a little over that.

    Mike Williamson

    On Tue,
    8 Mar 2005 SBlock4175@aol.com wrote:

    > Dear Dr. Schaeff,
    > I am a freelance copy-editor and fact-checker for Wildlife Conservation
    > magazine, which is published by the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS).
    > Currently, I am copy-editing a manuscript about deep-diving animals. I have tried
    > to find out what the deepest dive recorded for the sperm whale is. I have
    > checked many different sources and have come up with many different figures. I
    > want to use a figure that is widely accepted in the scientific community. If
    > you know what the deepest recorded dive for a sperm whale is, can you please
    > tell me, and if possible please tell me the source of that information. I
    > would greatly appreciate any help that you can give me.
    > Regards,
    > Steven Block
    > Wildlife Conservation magazine

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