questions about blue whales

From: Tom Ford (
Date: Thu Mar 17 2005 - 21:01:54 EST

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    Dear Jessica,

    Blue whales make sounds by passing air back and forth inside their bodies.
    The moving air causes vibration in the tissues that they pass over. That is
    heard as a hum. Those hums are very loud indeed.

    Blue whales are very dark inside. Unlike refrigerators there is no light in
    there. The insides if a blue whale are very much like the insides of any
    mammal just much bigger. Lungs , heart stomach , intestines, liver, small
    spleen, kidneys and brain all just like us only twisted around to fit their
    life in the ocean.

    Dr. Tom ford

    From: "Jessica E. Torres 15"
    Date: Thu, 17 Mar 2005 08:52:03 -0700
    Cc: "Holly L. Tomey" <
    Subject: questions about blue whales

    Dear Dr. Ford,
           I learned that blue whales have blubber. They eat 30 million krill
    each day. I went on the Internet I heard a hum of a whale. How do blue
    whales make the sounds they make?
    P.S. What are blue whales like inside?

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