questions about blue whales

From: Tom Ford (
Date: Thu Mar 17 2005 - 19:57:39 EST

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    From: "William D. Rohr"
    Date: Thu, 17 Mar 2005 08:51:46 -0700
    Cc: "Holly L. Tomey"
    Subject: questions about blue whales

    Dear William, Blue whales can see better than humans can underwater. Their
    eyes have a rounder shape than ours and that allows them to see better. They
    can only see about 40 feet in water and that is limited by the water itself.
    Blue whales can see fairly well in air . The blue whales use the sense of
    sound much more than they use eyesight.

    Dr. Tom Ford

     Dear Dr. Ford,
           I learned that the blue whales’ eyes are as big a teacup. How do blue
    whales see underwater?

    P.S. Are blue whales and sharks related?

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