Whales and sleep

From: Tom Ford (tjfketos@rcn.com)
Date: Tue Mar 22 2005 - 20:05:05 EST

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    My Dear and estimable second grade class,

    I have seen a humpback caught in a gill net.

     Two years ago I helped a southern right whale with his tail caught in an
    anchor chain. The chain was the mooring of a whale watching boat from Puerto
    Piramides in Argentina.
    Puerto Piramides is a tiny town of 200 people right where the Patagonian
    desert meets the sea. The entire town became very involved including the
    voluteer Fire Department (Los Bombaderos and one Bombadera) .

    The whale was carefully towed to a sandy beach and when the tide went out
    the chain was removed. A bucket brigade kept the whale cool and wet. the
    whale named "Garra" recovered and swam away at sunset.

    The whale lice (cyamids) do not bother the whales. In fact they help keep
    wounds clean so they heal faster and do not get infected. the whales can
    certainly remove the lice by rubbing on a sandy bottom but never seem to do

    It is wonderful to hear of your enthusiasm. if you have more questions
    please send them on.

    electronically yours .

    Dr. Tom Ford

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