Blue Whale Size

From: Tom Ford (
Date: Mon Mar 21 2005 - 23:51:15 EST

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    Dear Amy,

    Consider three school busses parked end to end. An average blue whale is
    almost that long.

    The heart of a blue whale is the size of a volkswagen beetle automobile.
    A small child could crawl through the aorta of a blue whale.
    an average human being weighs 135 pounds. An average blue whale weighs180000

    a search here on Whalenet for blue whale will disclose other size

    Dr. Tom Ford

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    > Date: Mon, 21 Mar 2005 21:49:30 -0500
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    > Hi Dr. Tom Ford,
    > I know a blue whale is large. Could you me visualize just how big it is?
    > Thanks,
    > Amy

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