Are whales carnivores?

Date: Tue Oct 03 2006 - 06:29:39 EDT

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    Dear Sarah ,

    Most whales are true carnivores. They all eat other animals.

    However there are classes of whale food.
    The baleen , or filter feeding whales , eat plankton and small mysid shrimp.
    They have no teeth and simply strain food that cannot move quickly from the

    Mid sized whales have teeth and consume faster moving prey such as fish or
    squid. Dolphins are in this group.

    The top predators are the killer whales , they are quite fast and catch the
    fastest fish. There is a class of killer whales called transients. They are
    meat eaters and with size , speed and social cooperation they hunt and eat
    marine mammals. Seals , porpoises and large whales are the prey of transient
    killer whales.

    Is that enough information ?


    Dr. Tom ford

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