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Date: Wed Oct 25 2006 - 08:52:00 EDT

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    Hello Colston ,

    The most common baleen whale worldwide is the minke whale. I think the sperm
    whale is the most common large toothed whale.

    The type of whale most commonly seen depends on where you are looking and
    the season of the year. For example if you were on Point Reyes , California
    in the fall the most common whale would be the migrating grey whales.

    Should you be in the san Juan islands of Washington the most common whale
    would be the killer whale. Hawaii in January would be the place to see
    humpback whales, and Argentina in October southern right whales.

    Keep your eyes open ,

    Dr. Tom Ford

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    > Subject: most common whale
    > Hi. My name is Colston and I am in the 3rd grade.
    > What is the most common whale you would see? thanks
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