Subject: Re: whales & dolphins
Wed, 02 Oct 96 06:43:19 EST

     Hi class!  I'm trying right now to find out from the people studying 
     right whales, for information on Metompkins.  Obviously, you asked a 
     really good question!!
     I write environmental impact statements for marine mammals, sea 
     turtles, and birds in the Gulf of Mexico relative to oil and gas 
     exploration.  I spend a lot of time learning about the different types 
     of things that can affect the animals, such as oil spills, noise, etc. 
     My job is to make sure that I let people know how the animals might be 
     affected by various things from the oil and gas industry, as well as 
     other things going on, including fishery interactions and die-offs.  I 
     also am involved with studies of whales and dolphins in the Gulf of 
     Mexico.  Next week, I will be part of a research team from Texas A&M 
     University doing ship-based surveys out in the Gulf for 2 1/2 weeks.  
     This is a project that the agency I work for is funding.  I am very 
     excited about getting away from my desk and all the paperwork (just 
     don't tell my boss that I'm going to be having a good time while I'm 
     out there)!
     I'm not sure why you think people get confused about killer whales and 
     white-sided dolphins.  If you can tell me exactly what people tell 
     you, then I will try to answer your question.  It doesn't seem like 
     people could get confused about them since they look so different.
     Where is Miscoe Hill Middle School? 

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Subject: whales & dolphins
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Date:    10/1/96 10:30 AM

Hi we are 6th grade students from Miscoe Hill Middle school. We are 
learning about whales. Do you know about Metompkins, a right 
whale, first found in Flordia. Is he/she still being tracked. What do 
you do? Why is every body confused with killer whales and white 
sided dolphins. Thank you very much!
                         Peter Gagliardo,Michael Sherman,Kerry 
Burke,Alysha Gosselin