Subject: right whale movements
Wed, 02 Oct 96 13:38:43 EST

     I've tried finding out the answer to your right whale question, but 
     the people involved with doing this work - The New England Aquarium - 
     are out in the field right now doing research.  As soon as I hear 
     anything, I'll be sure to see that the information makes it way to 

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Subject: whales & dolphins
Author: at ~smtp
Date:    10/1/96 10:30 AM

Hi we are 6th grade students from Miscoe Hill Middle school. We are 
learning about whales. Do you know about Metompkins, a right 
whale, first found in Flordia. Is he/she still being tracked. What do 
you do? Why is every body confused with killer whales and white 
sided dolphins. Thank you very much!
                         Peter Gagliardo,Michael Sherman,Kerry 
Burke,Alysha Gosselin