Subject: Re: satellite tagging
Mon, 07 Oct 96 06:20:37 EST

     Dear Bill,
     No, I haven't personally worked with Bruce Mate, though I have met him 
     at a few marine mammal conferences.  He has been responsible for 
     satellite tagging some of the dolphins on the Gulf Coast, when I lived 
     in Texas.  One of the dolphins, in fact, supplied us with much 
     information on bottlenose dolphin movement patterns on the Texas 
     coastline.  Dr. Mate was one of the principal investigators of the 
     Minerals Management Service-funded project - GulfCet.  He attempted 
     satellite tagging of sperm whales in the Gulf, but instead had to go 
     to the Galapagos to test out the possibility of it working.  Are you 
     trying to find an address for Dr. Mate?  If so, send me another 
     Best wishes.  Sounds like interesting stuff!

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Subject: tagging opportunities
Author:  Bill Hanshumaker <> at ~smtp
Date:    10/3/96 10:06 PM

Have you worked with Bruce Mate, using satellite-tagging on stranded 
dolphins? I'm interested in population dynamics and coordinating 
genetic studies with tagging observations.