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     1.  Killer whales (orcas) use their teeth to catch prey.  Killer 
     whales eat a wide variety of food including other marine mammals, 
     fish, sharks, birds, and turtles.
     2.  Killer whales use their tail (flukes) to propel themselves through 
     the water.  By rapidly moving the tail, they could gain enough 
     momentum to jump.
     3.  Killer whales can feed individually, or work together to catch 
     prey.  The latter is very interesting to watch.  Killer whales have 
     been seen to feed coordinated to catch marine mammals and to corral 
     fish into tight balls.  Killer whales could either use echolocation 
     (sonar) to find food, or look for it with their eyes, or even just 
     listen for the food to make sounds.  If the killer whale doesn't make 
     sound, prey like marine mammals, wouldn't be able to tell as quickly 
     that a killer whale was nearby.
     4.  I'm not sure I'd agree with the idea that killer whales would not 
     attack people.  There is a famous incident of a pilot whale that 
     grabbed a lady by the thigh that was swimming with it.  Killer whales 
     and other dolphins are wild animals, and people need to remember that 
     it can be dangerous to swim with them.  In fact, in U.S. waters, it is 
     against the law to swim with any type of marine mammal.  There is also 
     an incident of a trainer that was killed by a killer whale in 
     For the most part, killer whales seem to be "tame" in captive 
     situations, and work well with their trainers.  Also, in the wild, 
     many people in some locations will kayak with the whales swimming 
     around them...quite safely.  

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Subject: Orca whales
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How do orcas eat how do orcas  billed up the  speed
to jump.How do orcas attck their pray.why do orcas not attck pepole.