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I am a college student at Marist College  in Poughkeepsie, New York.
I am writing a Science Portfolio for a Curriculum class and I was hoping
that you could help me.  I need to include a multi-cultural component
to my lesson.  In order to do this, I need to find the name of a
famous scientist who has studied oceans, buoyancy, or whales.
The scientist needs to be someone who is not a white European.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.  I am having great
difficutly finding someone.
Thanks so much.
MElani Bendfeldt
Senior at Marist College
Please email:

Hi Melani:

Tall order!  Does "white European" mean also "white American (of
European extraction)"?  If it doesn't, then there are very large
numbers of candidates.  If it does, you're in trouble on the whale
front since, sad to say, there are no black whale scientists who
are famous (whatever "famous" means!)  Let me know the answer to the
above and I'll try to help you.  There ARE numerous people in Latin
America studying whales, but getting information of a biographical
nature on them might be tough.

Phil Clapham