Subject: Re: diving

Steve Frohock (
Mon, 04 Nov 1996 14:07:28 -0800 wrote:
> My question has to do with diving near Whales or Dolophins. I have always
> been vey intrested in both of them so much that I got dive qualified so that
> one day I might possibly be near them in their natural habitat. I dont have
> the time to devote to become a researcher but I have hopes of learning all I
> can as they are fascinating creatures. Do you think its allright to dive near
> them and if so which mammal would you recommend? Where would you go to have
> the greatest chance of an encounter around this time of year?
> Thank you for your time.
>                                                                  sincerely,
>                                                                  Michael Link

Dear Michael, 

First, under the U.S. Marine Mammal Protection Act, it is illegal to dive 
or swim with whales or dolphins without a permit from National Marine 
Fisheries Service. It is considered harrassment and can be extremely 
dangerous. That being said, there a some "Swim with the Dolphin" programs 
in Florida. They operate under permit with semi-captive dolphins. I don't 
know which organizations offer the program but try a search in Yahoo or 
Altavista for information ( or

There are also a few companies that run programs out of the Dominican 
Republic during the winter to swim with humpbacks. One is Coral Bay 
Cruises out of Ft. Lauderdale the other is based in Texas. You might try 
these for a winter vacation.