Subject: Re: Research

Steve Frohock (
Mon, 04 Nov 1996 14:16:12 -0800 wrote:
> I heard there where really good sightings this year.  What boat did you work
> on and what did you personally see?  Do you have a favorite whale?  Do you
> have a whale adoption program or info. about making donations to your
> organization?  Are you currently working on any research projects?

This was the first summer in 15 years that I wasn't personally on the 
water, but it was a good summer for humpback sightings on Stellwagen 
Bank. For the first time in 5 or 6 years humpbacks were numerous from 
July through October. The past few years the humpbacks were futher 
offshore, reflecting a natural change in the distribution of the bait 
fish they eat. I was out a number of times and saw some great surface 
bubble feeding by as many as 25 humpbacks. It was certainly nice to see 
this behavior after a few years.

My research is centered on the distribution and habitat use of the area 
by fin whales, based on individual identification. Though I wasn't on the 
water much, the work continues.

We have discontinued our adoption program for the time being. Try 
contacting Allied Whale at College of the Atlantic (a WhaleNet member) 
for adoption information.