Subject: Re: Whales in Boston area

Steve Frohock (
Mon, 04 Nov 1996 14:29:16 -0800

Rick Ramsey wrote:
> Steve;
>    Would like to plan a trip from Atlanta to Boston next year, and would
> like to plan it when whales are running.  What time of year are they
> heading sounth through the Boston area?
>                         rick

Whales don't run, they swim :)!! The New England area is one of the 
summer feeding grounds for a number of species of whales. It is an end 
point of their migration not a place where they just pass by (like the 
gray whales in CAlifornia). Depending on the year (it changes frequently 
due to movements of prey species), humpback, fin and minke whales are in 
our coastal waters from early to mid April through about Thanksgiving. 
Commercial whale watches usually run (not swim) from mid April to the end 
of October. Usually, July and August are the best times, but again 
this varies tremendously each year. 

There are opportunities for whale watching from Long Island to the Gulf 
of St. Lawrence. There are a number of quality operations around the 
Boston area, but I'd recommend Newburyport Whale Watch which runs out of 
Hiltons Dock in Newburyport, about 45 minutes north of Boston. The 
Dolphin Fleet out of Provincetown (2-2.5 hours from Boston) and CApe Ann 
Whale Watch out of Gloucester (45 min. from Boston) are also excellent 
choices. If you want to go directly from Boston, the New England Aquarium 
is the only place to go.